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Shade Landworks is a family owned and operated business that has been serving California since 1999.  Our team of highly skilled professionals specialize in a wide range of services from orchard removal and land clearing to organic waste management and earthwork projects.  Sustainability is at the core of what we do and by recycling Our natural resources into landscape products we ensure a planet that can be enjoyed for generations to come!

Clearing The Path For California's Growth

Providing California with the Highest Quality Land
Maintenance & Agricultural Services.

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Shade Landworks

Clearing the Path for California’s Growth

Shade Landworks is a family owned and operated business serving California since 1999. We specialize in citrus farming, avocado farming, agricultural services, heavy machinery management & operation, land clearing, tree removal, brush clearing and stump grinding. Our employees are trained in a multitude of areas from best management practices for trees and soil as well as earthwork, grading and drainage situations.

Serving California since 1999

in Santa Barbara County, Goleta & Ventura

License & Qualifications

We are licensed as a qualified applicators (QAL) and have a licensed pest control advisor (PCA) on staff.

Contractors License C-12 #1043398


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